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MELESSA was founded as part of the Excellence Initiative by 19 professors from five different faculties at the LMU Munich. It is headed by Prof. Dr. Klaus M. Schmidt (Economics). The laboratory was opened in January 2008. The current speaker of the laboratory’s board is Prof. Dr. Klaus M. Schmidt (Economics). The deputy speaker of the laboratory's board is Prof. Dr. Joachim Winter (Economics).

Collaboration of researchers from different disciplines actively promotes the scientific exchange across faculty borders and fosters innovative research. A strong involvement of different disciplines in the same laboratory offers ideal conditions for broad and multifaceted research that satisfies highest standards.

Experimental research is a highly important research tool in economics as well as in other social sciences and psychology. It not only serves as a means of verification of scientific hypotheses in a controlled laboratory environment but also to generate new research questions and theories.

The laboratory consists of several rooms. The biggest room contains a LAN-based system of 25 clients. In two other rooms, experiments involving audio and video recording can be conducted. Additionally, 16 tablet computers are available for mobile usage outside the laboratory. With this equipment, MELESSA is one of the most modern laboratories in Germany.